Words of the architect Carlos Ledezma

Architect Carlos Ledezma has more than Ten experience in which he has created projects of different scales and styles, from residences to airports, clinics, museums and avant-garde buildings.

On this tour, together with Héctor Modica, Lourdes Del Río and Gabriel Mancera and under the premise of a practical approach and constant research, national and international awards have been made and their appearance in publications is increasing, due to the impact of Innovation of your proposals.

Ledezma, is convinced that perseverance is the main ingredient of success for any architecture firm in our country. “Perseverance, followed by discipline and order, are essential to make a difference in Mexico, where there is a lot of work in the field of architecture.”

“I remember the phrase: for the love of architecture, I want engineering, which a professor used to quote. Today, more than ever, I believe it is true, since the more one works with engineering, the projects will make more sense in all aspects. ”

Regarding the new architecture offices and the appearance of new proposals, Ledezma comments: “In this search, it is necessary to form your own path, take risks and propose. It is unfortunate that there are firms or projects that focus only on square meters as an excuse to develop ideas. We have to dare

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